1. When is Open Mic and what does it cost?
Its every Thursday at 7pm until about 9:30 and its free to watch and perform.

2. Can anyone perform at the open mic?
Yes, as long as you have some prepared jokes.

3. How long of a set should I prepare?
If its your first time,  four minutes.  You can go short, but not long.  Everyone gets four minutes.

4. What happens if I bomb?
Nothing. You will survive.

5. What if I go over the time limit?
The host will kindly let you know. If you keep going after that, he will unplug the mic. ​

6. I am funnier when I am drunk. I don’t even need jokes. I’ll just talk and it’ll be hilarious.
No, you’re not.  Yes, you do.  And no, you won’t.